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Date Up Down Title Up Down Status Up Down
01-01-2006 Århus convention Concluded
01-07-2011 Youth and Science Active
01-06-2007 Youth and gaming Concluded
01-09-1999 Young scientists in Europe Concluded
01-05-2010 Young people's visions of an urban future Concluded
01-11-2008 You Decide – A privacy campaign for primary schools Active
01-04-2008 WWViews - World Wide Views on Global Warming Concluded
01-01-2010 World Wide Views on Global Warming Concluded
01-01-2008 World Wide Views on Global Warming Active
01-01-2008 World Wide Views on Global Warming Concluded
01-01-2011 World Wide Views on Biodiversity Active
01-10-2003 Working in future - structures and trends in industrial work Concluded
01-08-2004 Work-Life Balance Concluded
06-09-2011 Wise sciences Active
29-01-2008 Wildlife diseases Concluded
01-01-2009 Wild deer Concluded
01-01-2009 Whitepaper on biofuells Concluded
01-03-2006 white biotechnology Concluded
01-11-2010 White Biotechnology Active
19-11-2012 Which lessons about the study of the transgenic corn NK 603? : PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
01-04-2003 When the cheap oil run out Concluded
01-09-2010 Water supply - how to secure clean drinking water in the future Planned
20-05-2012 Water Resource Resiliance Concluded
20-04-2011 Water adaptation in Africa Concluded
01-01-2007 Voting rights of the disabled Concluded
01-04-2007 Voluntary carbon offsets Concluded
01-12-2009 Virus mutation - Public hearing Concluded
01-10-2010 Value Ageing Active
01-03-2012 Valorization of Biodiversity Active
06-01-2008 Vaccine capacity in the UK Concluded
29-10-2007 Vaccination Concluded
03-01-2001 Using genetic fingerprinting in criminal investigations Concluded
01-01-2004 Uses of Energy Concluded
09-03-2006 Use of new technologies in civil protection Concluded
20-05-2013 Urban Green Infrastructure Active
01-04-2007 Urban flooding Concluded
01-04-2011 Unconventional gas Concluded
01-01-2007 UK trees and forests Concluded
28-07-2006 UK Soil degradation Concluded
01-08-2010 UK Indoor air quality Concluded
01-01-2006 UK Civil space activities Concluded
30-11-2006 Ubiquitous computing Concluded
22-02-2007 Tuberculosis and public health - public hearing Concluded
23-06-2009 Tsunami warning systems in France and around the world - Public hearing Concluded
25-03-2013 Trustworthy Science Active
01-03-2009 Treatments for heroin and cocaine dependency Concluded
01-05-2007 Transport biofuels Concluded
01-04-1999 Transplantation of organs and tissues of human origin Concluded
16-09-2008 Transition to a low carbon economy Concluded
25-05-2010 Transition from a waste policy towards an environmentally driven product policy Planned
01-04-2006 Transgenic seeds in developing countries Concluded
01-01-2002 Traffic scenarios in 2020 Concluded
01-10-2005 Toxicology and Nanotechnology Concluded
03-01-2000 Towards a European research facility for understanding the new economy Concluded
27-01-2000 Towards a european research facility ... - public hearing Concluded
03-01-2003 The working lifetime of nuclear power plants and new types of power reactors Concluded
01-01-2002 The vulnerability of the IT infrastructure Concluded
22-05-2014 The vaccinal additives, a moot question, public hearing Concluded
01-01-2012 The use of geodata on mobile devices Concluded
25-03-2013 The urban society Active
03-01-2001 The underground siting of high and very high voltage cables Concluded
01-01-2015 The strategic stakes in rare earths Planned
07-12-2010 The stakes of synthetic biology Concluded
24-07-2007 The safety of dams and other hydraulic structures Concluded
01-01-2005 The road to a hydrogen society Concluded
03-01-2000 The resources necessary for improving the safety of French road and rail tunnels Concluded
01-02-2006 The relation between educational research and educational practice in Flanders Concluded
01-01-2010 The Real Virtual World Concluded
03-01-2003 The quality of water and water collection and treatment systems in France Concluded
03-01-2001 The prospects of fuel cell technology Concluded
03-01-1997 The prospects for developing non-food agricultural products Concluded
05-06-2014 The principle of innovation Concluded
01-08-2000 The prevalence of satellite communication/road pricing Concluded
01-10-2009 The precautionary principle - Public hearing Concluded
01-01-2005 The precautionary principle Concluded
03-01-2002 The possible impact of drug taking on the mental health of those concerned Concluded
13-02-2003 The possible impact of drug taking on the mental health - public hearing Concluded
03-01-2001 The possibilities for the long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel Concluded
01-01-2011 The pollution in the Mediterranean sea:current situation and perspectives 2030 Concluded
03-01-2005 The place of biotechnologies in France and in Europe Concluded
03-01-2001 The patentability of living matter Concluded
03-01-1994 The orientations of research policy Concluded
29-11-2007 The OPECST's evaluation of the law relative to bioethics - public hearing Concluded
02-10-2007 The OPECST's evaluation of the law relative to bioethics Concluded
03-01-1995 The new techniques of information and communication: man in cyberspace Concluded
01-11-2006 The national DNA database Concluded
03-01-2004 The nanosciences and advances in medicine Concluded
03-01-1997 The management of high activity nuclear wastes (vol 2: military wastes) Concluded
03-01-1996 The management of high activity nuclear wastes (Vol 1: civilian wastes) Concluded
03-01-1996 The links between health and the environment... - Experts contributions Concluded
03-01-1996 The links between health and the environment, particularly in children Concluded
03-01-1992 The life sciences and human rights - Experts contributions Concluded
03-01-1992 The life sciences and human rights Concluded
29-01-2004 The legionnaires' disease epidemic of November 2003 - public hearing Concluded
01-09-2007 The Kyoto-mechanisms: Do they promote technological development? Concluded
01-08-2011 The Internet of things Active
01-02-2008 The Internet of the future: Challenges and prospects for Switzerland Concluded
01-01-2004 The information society of 2020 Concluded
03-01-1993 The importance of electric vehicles in terms of environmental protection Concluded
27-11-2007 The impacts of the use of chlordecone and pesticides in the West Indies Concluded
09-03-2012 The hydrogen: vector of the energy transition? Concluded
01-08-2002 The Future of the Patent System Concluded
01-10-2010 The future of the automotive industry Concluded
01-01-2009 The future of hospitals - taking care of chronics and elderly patients Concluded
01-02-2001 The Future of Education Concluded
01-10-2013 The Future of Aviation Concluded
01-10-2004 The future Danish energy system Concluded
01-10-2005 The fuel of tommorow Concluded
03-01-2002 The evaluation of the magnitude of the climate changes Concluded
05-02-2008 The EU's eastern and southern neighbours Concluded
29-05-2009 The ethics of science Active
10-04-2003 The Environmental Charter - public hearing Concluded
03-01-2002 The environmental and health effects of nuclear tests carried out by France Concluded
27-04-2010 The endocrine disruptors and their impacts on human health Concluded
01-11-2006 The emancipation of the computer Concluded
05-03-2013 The electronic lifestyle coach Active
03-01-2001 The effects of heavy metals on the environment and on health Concluded
03-01-1990 The effects of chlorofluorocarbons on the environment Concluded
20-02-2011 The ecosystem approach Concluded
03-01-1993 The ecological impact of the Rhine-Rhone link Concluded
01-02-2009 The dual use dilemma Concluded
03-01-1999 The downstream side of the nuclear fuel cycle (Electricity generating costs) Concluded
01-01-2010 The digitization of the public domain Concluded
01-10-2005 The dangers of creationism Concluded
03-01-2001 The consequences of scientific developments in the telecommunications sector Concluded
03-01-2000 The conditions governing the installation of a new synchrotron (vol 2) Concluded
13-03-2012 The Committee for the Future’s vision, strategy and operational plan for Planned
30-06-2003 The Co-evolution of Innovation Theory, Innovation Practice,and Innovation Policy Concluded
04-04-2008 The choice is yours - an educational campaign on the use of personal data Active
01-01-2008 The carbon footprint of food Concluded
18-10-2005 The car of the future: cleaner and more energy efficient - public hearing Concluded
13-12-2005 The car of the future: cleaner and more energy efficient Concluded
12-05-2012 The Black Swans Active
01-01-2015 The biomass Planned
15-02-2011 The Alliances : a new dynamic for research : PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
01-10-2000 The aging population Concluded
23-04-2010 THCL - Towards a holistic conception of life? Concluded
01-10-2001 Testing our genes Concluded
01-06-2010 Test yourself! Planned
20-05-2013 Telehealth and Telecare Planned
01-09-2005 Techpol 2.0: Awareness – Participation – Legitimacy Concluded
01-03-2005 Technology, nature and tourism Concluded
01-01-2014 Technology options for feeding 10 billion people Active
01-09-2009 Technology for the Olympics Concluded
01-05-2009 Technology festival Concluded
01-01-2004 Technology education in schools Concluded
01-10-2004 Technology Chart Nanotech Concluded
31-10-2001 Technology Assessment of the Green Bio-Refinery Concluded
01-09-2010 Technology Assessment in Poland Concluded
01-10-2007 Technology and marginalisation in the labour market - are there relationsships? Concluded
01-01-2005 Technology and intellectual property rights: DRM Concluded
01-03-2001 Technology and globalization Concluded
01-05-2006 Technology and competitive Edge Concluded
17-09-2012 Technological developments bound to the ecological car Concluded
27-01-2011 Technological breakthroughs in medicine : PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
11-07-2013 Technological advances in healthcare Concluded
03-01-2006 Techniques for restoring works of art Concluded
03-01-1999 Techniques for predicting and preventing natural hazards in France Concluded
03-01-1995 Techniques for predicting and preventing earthquakes... - Public hearing Concluded
03-01-1995 Techniques for predicting and preventing earthquakes and landslips Concluded
01-07-2009 Technical Options for Managing the CO2 Cycle Active
01-06-2006 Technical education between local engagement and global responsibility Concluded
01-05-2009 Teaching children to read Concluded
01-02-2007 Tackling malaria in developing countries Concluded
05-09-2007 TABOOS or “sacred misconceptions” of the Nordic model Concluded
03-01-1997 Synthetic images and virtual reality: Techniques and issues of society Concluded
01-11-2012 Synthetic Biology in Society: A new technology under public discussion Active
18-06-2012 Synthetic Biology for Human Health (SYBHEL) Concluded
01-01-2008 Synthetic biology Concluded
01-07-2011 Synthetic biology Active
18-06-2013 Synthetic Biology Active
01-04-2010 Synthetic Biology Active
01-02-2011 Synthetic Biology Active
01-07-2014 SYNENERGENE: Responsible Research and Innovation in synthetic biology Active
01-01-2007 SYNBIOSAFE - Safety and Ethical Aspects of Synthetic Biology Concluded
01-01-2009 Swedish fish populations with a future perspective Concluded
01-11-2011 Sustainable Urban Regions Concluded
01-01-2012 Sustainable management of electronic waste Concluded
01-01-2005 Sustainable growth in the marine sector Concluded
01-09-2001 Sustainable growth - How? Concluded
13-03-2012 Sustainable Growth Active
28-03-2007 Sustainable development (2) : biodiversity - symposium Concluded
01-01-2007 Sustainable development (2) : biodiversity Concluded
01-02-2010 Sustainable cities - with focus on transport, housing and green areas Concluded
01-11-2010 Sustainability and Parliaments: Survey and Perspectives RIO +20 Concluded
22-11-2011 Sustainability Concluded
01-01-2005 Survey of Members of the Flemish Parliament Concluded
20-05-2013 Surveillance of Internet Communications Active
01-02-2012 SurPRISE – Surveillance, Privacy and Security Active
01-02-2012 SurPrise Active
01-11-2010 Supply of raw materials for high-tech german industries Concluded
06-11-2011 Super Farms Concluded
01-09-2006 Strengthening disaster response services Concluded
09-03-2006 Strategy of Digital Technology for the period 2006 – 2013 Concluded
01-01-2007 Strategic science Concluded
01-06-2008 STEPE - Sensitive Technologies and European Public Ethics Concluded
01-03-2011 STEM education: 14-19 years Concluded
01-01-2001 Stem cells and therapeutic cloning Concluded
01-01-2010 STEM CELL RESEARCH, assessment of application of article 26 of the Bioethics act Concluded
30-03-2007 Status quo and perspectives of the military use of unmanned platforms Concluded
01-10-2008 Status and condition of clinical research in Germany Concluded
01-12-2005 Statin treatment: A comparison between predicted and actual effects on inpatient Concluded
28-05-2009 State of research on the prevention and treatment of obesity Concluded
01-01-2008 State of innovation: Poland Concluded
08-03-2011 Stakes of strategic metals : the case of rare earths elements : PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
24-07-2012 Stakes and perspectives of the hydrogenate sector Concluded
07-03-2012 Stakes and perspectives of the European spatial policy Concluded
01-01-2015 Stakes and perspectives of the epigenetics Planned
01-04-2010 Space weather Concluded
01-01-2006 Space policy: daring or decline Concluded
01-01-2010 Space debris Concluded
03-01-2001 Space : A political and strategic goal for Europe Concluded
22-09-2011 Solar electricity Concluded
01-12-2003 SoKuTA ”Socially and Culturally oriented Technology Assessment” Concluded
01-04-2003 Software policy Concluded
01-01-2010 Social robots Concluded
01-09-2008 Social consequences of biotechnology in agriculture Concluded
01-01-2013 Social and economic consequences of Sunday shopping Concluded
01-01-2011 Smartly underground Active
18-10-2011 Smarter tools, better schools Concluded
01-01-2010 Smart response – Demand Response for Austrian Smart Grids Concluded
01-10-2012 Smart policing Active
01-03-2010 Smart New World? Concluded
29-02-2008 Smart metering of electricity and gas Concluded
01-01-2008 Smart materials and systems Concluded
01-01-2001 Small technologies Concluded
01-06-2011 Shale gas in Poland Concluded
25-09-2013 Seniors in Working Life - Mental and Physical Preconditions Concluded
06-02-2007 Semiconductors and the link with micro- and nanotechnologies - a new assessment Concluded
20-05-2013 Selection of Marine Conservation Zones Active
01-08-2004 Security, privacy and active citizenship in eGovernment Concluded
20-12-2011 Security of eGovernment Systems Concluded
07-02-2014 Security of e-Government Systems Planned
01-06-2010 Sea level rise Concluded
06-02-2014 Sea fishings: halieutic resources, public hearing Concluded
01-08-2012 Scientific, technological and ethical stakes in the personalized medicine Concluded
03-01-2003 Scientific methods for personal identification using biometric data Concluded
25-01-2000 Scientific communication Concluded
03-01-1994 Scientific co-operation with the countries of central and eastern Europe Concluded
06-12-2005 Scientific appraisals - public hearing Concluded
01-01-1999 Scientific and technological development in Central and Eastern Europe Concluded
22-09-2008 Science, Society and Parliaments Concluded
01-02-2010 Science in the new parliament Concluded
01-01-2004 Room for Renewable Energy ? Concluded
01-05-2011 Robotics and autonomous devices in the social sector Concluded
15-06-2007 Road Traffic and Health Concluded
14-10-2008 River basin management plans Concluded
01-04-2012 RIO+20 with CIVISTI Concluded
01-10-2005 RFID - possibilities and threats Concluded
05-02-2008 RFID (Radio-frequency identification) Concluded
01-05-2011 Review of stem cell research (long report) Concluded
01-10-2007 Retirement age for men and women Concluded
18-06-2013 Responding to a new innovation dynamic Active
04-03-2013 Resource Hunger Active
01-06-2010 Resilience of UK infrastructure Concluded
05-12-2006 Research on the operation of human cells Concluded
04-03-2009 Research in the field of prevention and treatment of obesity - public hearing Concluded
06-01-2008 Research ethics in developing countries Concluded
22-04-2004 Research and Technology Topics Concluded
17-02-2010 Research and international cooperation in the French Southern and Antarctic Land Concluded
20-09-2009 Reproductive medicine: Scientific technical developments, consequences and gener Concluded
20-05-2013 Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Concluded
01-01-2000 Report of fiscal incentives for the promotion and consolidation of R+D Concluded
03-09-2007 Renewal of Finland based on Learning Concluded
01-01-2010 Renewable heating Concluded
01-05-2007 Renewable fuels role in reducing the transport sector’s impact on climate Concluded
03-01-2001 Renewable forms of energy : state of the art and technical outlook Concluded
01-10-2008 Renewable energy sources to secure the base load in electricity supply – Concluded
22-04-2004 Renewable Energy Sources Concluded
29-10-2008 Renewable energy in a changing climate Concluded
17-07-2007 Regulatory choice Concluded
22-02-2007 Regulatory Authority on Energy Concluded
01-10-2008 Regulations for access to the information society Concluded
01-01-2009 Regenerative medicine Concluded
01-07-2009 Reflexive Systems Biology Concluded
01-08-2003 Reducing land utilisation - goals, measures, impacts Concluded
20-05-2013 Reducing GHG Emissions from Livestock Active
03-01-1999 Recycling and recovering domestic refuse and ordinary industrial wastes Concluded
01-01-2011 Rare earth metals Concluded
15-11-2007 Radiotherapy : Treatment efficacy and risk control - public hearing Concluded
01-05-2007 Radio spectrum management Concluded
13-03-2012 Radical Technologies Active
04-03-2013 Quantified Health Active
13-04-2004 Quality and safety of foodstuffs - public hearing Concluded
03-01-2004 Quality and safety of foodstuffs Concluded
01-12-2011 publifocus «Usefulness and costs of medical treatments» Concluded
30-09-2003 publifocus «Road Pricing» Concluded
15-12-2005 publifocus «Nanotechnologies – meaning for health and environment» Concluded
05-07-2007 publifocus «eHealth» Concluded
01-07-2007 Public opinions on electricity options Concluded
01-01-2004 Public involvement in urban planning Concluded
15-10-2006 Public electronic petitions and civil participation Concluded
14-05-2006 Public Debate on the Catalan Energy Plan 2006-2015 Concluded
01-01-2010 Public data for all Concluded
01-04-1999 Protection of the human genome Concluded
01-12-2004 Prospects for low-CO2- and pollutant emissions transportation Concluded
01-03-2009 Pros and cons of nuclear energy (2/2) Concluded
01-03-2009 Pros and cons of nuclear energy (1/2) Concluded
03-01-1993 Problems raised by the management of hospital wastes Concluded
03-01-1992 Problems raised by household wastes Concluded
03-09-1990 Problems arising from the treatment of industrial wastes Concluded
03-01-1992 Problems arising from the development of mining activities in Antarctica Concluded
01-01-2009 Privacy reloaded Concluded
01-10-2006 Privacy campaign: YOU decide! Concluded
01-08-2007 Privacy campaign: Manuscript competition for high school students Concluded
01-01-2008 Privacy campaign: Discussion films for secondary schools Concluded
01-02-2006 PRISE - a participatory approach to security and privacy Concluded
01-02-2006 PRISE Concluded
01-08-2006 Priorities in the health care system Concluded
10-06-2008 Principles applied to animal experiments in Europe and alternative principles Concluded
01-09-2012 Prevention of childhood overweight and obesity Concluded
20-05-2012 Preventing Mitochondrial Disease Concluded
20-05-2012 Preventing Diabetes Concluded
03-09-1990 Preserving water quality: drinking water distribution and sewage treatment Concluded
25-05-2012 Preparing for the Next Wave Concluded
01-10-2011 Preparing for natural disasters in developing countries Concluded
01-05-2014 Prenatal gene testing Active
20-12-2011 Pre-programmed Concluded
05-02-2008 Power and exclusion Concluded
30-04-2005 Potential and Prospects for applications of bionics Concluded
01-03-2011 Postal Services and Modern Information and Communication Technologies Concluded
15-02-2014 Post-fossil Norway Active
10-06-2009 Possible health effects of the mobile phone - Public hearing Concluded
18-11-2008 Possible health effects of mobile phone and based stations Concluded
20-05-2013 Population Projections Active
15-03-2012 Population aging in Poland Concluded
30-11-2004 Polymorphisms Concluded
01-01-2004 Policy pathways to promote the development and adoption of cleaner technologies Concluded
01-04-2010 Policy brief onthe Data retention directive Concluded
01-01-2010 Policy brief on the publication of the Norwegian income tax settlements Concluded
30-09-2005 Policy Advise in the Area of Bioethics Concluded
01-01-2007 Policy Advice and Biomedicine Concluded
01-03-2004 POCO Concluded
20-05-2012 Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals Concluded
20-05-2013 Phosphate resources Planned
01-10-2008 Pharmacological and Technical Interventions for Improving Performance Concluded
01-11-2004 Pharmacogenetics Concluded
01-01-2010 Pets, families and interagency working Concluded
09-04-2009 Pesticides, environment and human health -Public hearing Concluded
27-11-2007 Pesticides, environment and human health Concluded
01-08-2005 Pervasive Healthcare and the Danish Health Services Concluded
01-02-2006 Pervasive computing Concluded
01-01-2010 Personalization of healthcare technology Concluded
01-01-2009 Personalised medicines Concluded
01-08-2012 Personalised Medicine Concluded
01-10-2011 Personalised Cancer Treatments Concluded
30-04-2009 Personal Health Records - Public hearing Concluded
01-04-2011 Personal genomics Concluded
01-05-2005 Performance Targets in Production Processes Concluded
01-01-2011 Patients’ Need for Quality information Concluded
04-03-2013 Patients know better Active
01-01-2010 Patient 2.0 - Healthcare on the Internet Concluded
05-02-2008 Participatory content production / Open operational paradigm Concluded
01-12-2007 Participative Approaches for „Technology and aoutonomous living“ Concluded
01-09-2002 Parliaments and the knowledge society Concluded
01-04-2012 Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment PACITA Active
08-09-2011 Parliaments and civil society in Technology Assessment (PACITA) Active
01-04-2011 PACITA: Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment Active
04-03-2013 PACITA Active
01-07-2014 Overview of parliamentary technology assessment in Europe Active
05-10-2011 Outlook of the civil aviation for 2040 Concluded
03-01-1991 Orientation of French and European space policy - Experts contributions Concluded
03-01-1991 Orientation of French and European space policy Concluded
01-01-2007 Organizing the future hospitals Concluded
01-08-2010 Organic farming and biomass production Concluded
01-01-2009 Organic farming Concluded
07-02-2013 Organ transplants:withdrawals from deceased donors after cardiac arrest PUB HEA Concluded
15-09-2005 Options for action to strengthen the international competitiveness of research- Concluded
01-06-2010 Opportunities and risks of electromobility in Switzerland Concluded
02-03-2007 Opportunities and prospects for assistive technology in the workplace Concluded
01-05-2012 Opportunities and criteria for a sustainability label for consumers Active
15-12-2006 Opportunities and challenges facing for new energy crops Concluded
01-03-2007 Opening of the international polar year Concluded
21-09-2011 Open source, open standards and government procurement Concluded
01-10-2003 Open source software Concluded
01-03-2007 Open innovation Concluded
21-09-2011 Open access to scientific information Concluded
20-05-2013 Online Identity Active
01-10-2006 Online gambling Concluded
01-08-2014 Online civic participation in parliamentary work Active
05-03-2013 On the car’s advice Active
13-05-2009 Ocean acidification Concluded
01-08-2008 Obesity as a societal problem Active
01-03-2009 Nutritional standards in schools Concluded
03-01-2000 Nuclear waste storage facilities and public health and environment Concluded
18-03-2011 Nuclear safety:Intermediate report of the special joint parliamentary committee Concluded
16-03-2011 Nuclear safety, the scope of the nuclear industry and its future Concluded
01-12-2006 Nuclear power industry – perspectives for Poland Concluded
01-01-2004 Nuclear Energy and the Public Debate Concluded
03-01-1997 NTIC: from the schoolchild to the man of the street Concluded
24-09-2010 Norwegian Wood Concluded
01-03-2011 Norwegian salmon farming at a crossroads Concluded
01-05-2011 Norwegian fish farming Concluded
01-01-2005 Non-ionising Radiation in the Home Concluded
01-08-2007 Next generation telecoms networks Concluded
01-01-2008 Next generation broadband access Concluded
03-01-1994 New transport technologies and saturation problems on the north/south routes Concluded
01-09-2006 New technology in elderly care Concluded
01-04-2007 New industries in the deep sea Concluded
15-04-2012 New growth opportunities for Poland Concluded
01-04-2004 New GM Crops - New Debate Concluded
03-01-2006 New energy technologies and co2 sequestration Concluded
01-10-2014 New electronic media and addictive behaviour Active
19-05-2013 New Developments in Treatment of HIV/AIDS Active
01-10-2002 New climate - new life? Concluded
01-12-2008 New challenges for data protection in Austria Concluded
07-02-2008 New anti-infectives Concluded
01-03-2014 NERRI: Neuro-Enhancement: Responsible Research and Innovation Active
20-05-2013 Negative Emissions Technologies Active
01-12-2007 Negative effects caused by the use of computers and the Internet on young people Concluded
05-09-2011 Natural flood management Concluded
20-02-2011 Natural capital accounting Concluded
22-04-2004 National Program on antiseismic backing of existing buildings Concluded
31-03-2010 National Plan for the management of radioactive wastes and recoverable materials Concluded
04-12-2012 National consultation on research and higher education : PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
15-06-2007 Nanotechnology in the food sector - Nanofood Concluded
01-02-2006 nanotechnology festival Concluded
07-03-2011 Nanotechnology and health Concluded
01-01-2005 Nanotechnology Concluded
01-01-2010 Nanotechnology Concluded
01-04-2008 Nanotechnology Concluded
07-11-2006 Nanotechnologies: potential risks and ethical challenges - public hearing Concluded
01-01-2010 NanoSafety - Risk Governance of Manufactured Nanoparticles (STOA) Concluded
01-04-2014 NANOMIA Active
01-09-2011 Nanomaterials: Effects on Environment and Health Concluded
01-09-2007 Nano Trust Active
01-04-2012 Moving towards sustainable water management Concluded
31-12-2014 MOOC - Massive Open Online Course Planned
07-06-2011 Monogenic Diseases, Current Issues : PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
03-01-1997 Monitoring the safety and security of nuclear installations (VII) Concluded
03-01-1996 Monitoring the safety and security of nuclear installations (VI) Concluded
03-01-1994 Monitoring the safety and security of nuclear installations (IV) Concluded
03-01-1992 Monitoring the safety and security of nuclear installations (III) Concluded
03-01-1991 Monitoring the safety and security of nuclear installations (II) Concluded
03-01-1990 Monitoring the safety and security of nuclear installations Concluded
03-01-2000 Monitoring safety and security in nuclear installations. Concluded
03-01-1999 Monitoring safety and security in nuclear installations (vol 2) Concluded
03-01-1997 Monitoring safety and security in nuclear installations (VII) - Public hearing Concluded
03-01-1996 Monitoring safety and security in nuclear installations (VI) - Public hearing Concluded
03-01-1994 Monitoring safety and security in nuclear installations (V) - Public hearing Concluded
03-01-1994 Monitoring safety and security in nuclear installations (IV) - Public hearing Concluded
19-05-1992 Monitoring safety and security in nuclear installations (III) - Public hearing Concluded
03-01-1991 Monitoring safety and security in nuclear installations (II) - Public hearing Concluded
03-01-1994 Monitoring nuclear installations and safety (V) Concluded
01-10-2010 Modern power grids as key element in a sustainable supply of energy Active
01-01-2010 Modern family policy versus demographic change Concluded
15-01-2004 Modern agricultural techniques and methods of production – economic and Concluded
06-04-2009 Mobile phone based stations and health - Public hearing Concluded
20-05-2013 Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility Active
01-03-2006 Military uses of space Concluded
20-05-2012 Mental Health and the Workplace Concluded
01-03-2011 Mental capacity and healthcare Concluded
01-03-2005 Meeting of Minds: European Citizens Dialogue on Brain Science Concluded
14-11-2005 Meeting of Minds Concluded
01-04-2012 Medicines for Africa Active
01-05-2002 Medicine for healthy people - a sick idea? Concluded
01-09-2014 Medical and veterinary active ingredients in drinking water and watercourses Active
31-12-2014 Media and the power of opinion Planned
06-04-2012 Measuring Wellbeing Concluded
20-05-2012 Maximising the Value of Recycled Materials Concluded
05-11-2010 Mathematics in France and in modern sciences Concluded
01-01-2009 Marine renewables Concluded
01-05-2011 Marine planning Concluded
07-02-2008 Marine conservation zones Concluded
19-11-1991 Management of very low activity radioactive wastes - Public hearing Concluded
03-01-1992 Management of very low activity radioactive wastes Concluded
11-01-2010 Management of pandemics Concluded
03-01-1990 Management of high activity nuclear wastes Concluded
01-12-2009 Making perfect life? (STOA) Active
01-01-2010 Making Perfect Life Concluded
20-05-2012 Machine to Machine Communication Concluded
06-11-2011 Low Carbon Technologies for Energy-Intensive Industries Concluded
01-01-2006 Low carbon private vehicles Concluded
20-01-1985 Long-range forms of air pollution and acid rain Concluded
11-05-2006 London's protocol - public hearing Concluded
01-07-2010 Localisation Technologies Concluded
01-03-2006 Local democracy Concluded
01-11-2010 Load-Following Capability of German Nuclear Power Plants Active
01-07-2004 Living Reviews in European Governance (LREG) Concluded
20-05-2013 Livestock Vaccines Concluded
01-02-2011 Livestock Disease Concluded
01-01-2014 List of ongoing project Planned
01-01-2010 Lighting technology Concluded
08-07-2010 Lessons to be learnt from the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjöll - PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
01-01-2009 Lessons from history Concluded
01-01-2009 Law implementation within social welfare Concluded
07-03-2008 Large scientific facilities Concluded
01-04-2000 Large Public ICT-projects Concluded
01-04-2011 Landscapes of the future Concluded
01-03-2012 Land Sharing versus Land Sparing Concluded
20-05-2013 Khat Active
01-03-2007 KB:Law|©: knowledge base copyright law Concluded
01-10-2013 Ivasive species Concluded
19-03-2007 IT-security for private users Concluded
01-01-2006 IT-Security beyond borders Concluded
07-07-2010 Is France prepared for a earthquake? - PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
01-02-2012 IRISS: Increasing resilience in surveillance societies Active
17-01-2012 Investments for the future" program:a new run-up for research:PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
21-09-2011 Invasive tree pathogens Concluded
29-01-2008 Invasive non-native species Concluded
20-05-2013 Invasive Non-Native Plant Sepcies Active
01-01-2014 Internet privacy Concluded
01-01-2008 Internet policy Concluded
08-12-2005 Internet Governance - public hearing Concluded
01-01-2007 Internet governance Concluded
15-01-2006 Internet communication in and with developing countries – chances for dev Concluded
01-10-2003 Internet and Democracy - Analysis of network-based communication from cultural Concluded
14-05-2009 International Polar Year - Closing symposium Concluded
01-03-2008 International migration of scientists and engineers Concluded
01-12-2008 International competitiveness and EU State Aid Policy - Nanoelectronics Concluded
20-05-2013 Intermittent Electricity Generation Active
01-06-2008 Interactive Science – Internal Science Communication Via Digitial Media Concluded
01-01-2009 Intelligent transport systems Concluded
01-10-2009 Intelligent and innovative transportation systems (IITS) Concluded
05-01-2009 Integration of ethnic minorities into the Danish labour market - what works? Concluded
15-01-2004 Institutionalisation of Ethics in Science Policy INES Concluded
01-01-2010 Insect pollination Concluded
20-05-2013 Insect Pollination Active
14-10-2010 Inputs of sciences/technologies to evolution of financial markets:PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
01-06-2010 Innovativeness of Polish economy Concluded
30-03-2007 Innovations in medical technology – Challenges for research-, Health care Concluded
28-10-2010 Innovation put to the test of fears and risks Concluded
01-01-2011 Infrastructure in Poland Concluded
01-08-2001 Information technology and conditions in the workplace Concluded
09-10-1997 Information society and the future - Public hearing Concluded
01-01-2009 Information society Concluded
21-09-2011 Information communication technology for the disabled Concluded
16-03-2011 Informal STEM education Concluded
02-11-2005 Industrial conversion of biomass Concluded
15-02-2005 Individualised Medicine Concluded
01-12-2007 Indicator-based decision-making systems Concluded
20-09-2011 Improving livestock Concluded
01-03-2012 Implementation of evidence-based interventions in school settings Concluded
01-08-2001 Implants Concluded
29-01-2009 Impact on health produced by high tension power lines-public hearing Concluded
01-09-2010 Impact of noise pollution on our environment and health in Flanders Active
01-07-2008 Impact of magnetic fields produced by high and extra high tension power lines Concluded
15-08-2004 Impact Assessment of Neuroimaging Concluded
07-12-2010 Impact and challenges of new diagnosis and therapeutic technologies for brain Concluded
25-03-2013 Imaging and cognitive science Active
10-11-2005 ICTs and Privacy in Europe (EPTA Common Project) Concluded
01-01-2000 ICTs and elderly people Concluded
01-03-2003 ICTs & privacy Concluded
01-06-2010 ICT, alway a good idea? Active
01-01-2006 ICT in developing countries Concluded
01-03-2006 ICT and social exclusion/inclusion Concluded
01-03-2004 ICT and Privacy in Europe Concluded
29-06-2008 ICT and carbon dioxide emissions Concluded
29-09-2007 Hydrogen: the discussion Concluded
01-01-2012 Hybrid and electric vehicles in Poland Concluded
01-10-2014 Human-machine interaction Active
01-10-2003 Human stem cell research Concluded
22-01-2007 Human rights implications of biometrics Concluded
23-02-2009 Human papilloma viruses Concluded
01-01-2010 Human enhancement Active
01-12-2009 Human Enhancement Concluded
01-04-2002 How can we assign value to the environment? Concluded
20-08-2009 How can research contribute to solving the problem of world food? Concluded
01-01-2011 Housing and health Concluded
01-10-2007 HIV in the UK Concluded
03-01-1989 High definition television - experts contribution Concluded
03-01-1989 High definition television Concluded
03-01-1992 High definition digital television - Public hearing Concluded
03-01-1992 High definition digital television - Experts contribution Concluded
03-01-1992 High definition digital television Concluded
09-01-2012 Heat Pumps Concluded
01-01-2006 Healthy life expectancy Concluded
03-01-2005 Health safety of products intended for human consumption Concluded
15-02-2005 Health risks of common chemicals such as glycol ethers and domestic pollutants Concluded
01-02-2007 Health behaviour Concluded
03-01-2002 Health and the mobile phone Concluded
01-10-2008 Hazards and Vulnerability in Modern Societies: Large-Scale Outage of Electricity Concluded
01-01-1997 Handbook Strategic Environmental Assessment Active
01-04-2009 H1N1 'Swine flu' vaccine Concluded
01-04-2007 Grids and e-science Concluded
15-11-2003 Green genetic engineering – transgenic plants of the 2nd and 3rd generati Concluded
01-01-2007 GMO – benefits and risks Concluded
06-04-2012 GM Crops in Developing Countries Concluded
20-06-2011 GM crops and food security Concluded
01-03-2012 Glocal Search Active
01-02-2005 Globalization of knowledge work Concluded
25-03-2013 Global Ethics in Science and Technology (GEST) Concluded
05-02-2008 Global challenges of food production Concluded
23-10-2013 Global challenges in the Arctic region Concluded
01-01-2010 Global carbon trading Concluded
25-09-2014 German energy turning point, public hearing Concluded
01-01-2009 Geoengineering research Concluded
01-08-2011 Geoengineering Concluded
03-01-2012 Geoengineering Active
03-01-1999 Genomics and information technology Concluded
01-10-2006 Genetically modified plants and food Concluded
14-11-2008 Genetically modified organisms (GMOs or transgenic) Concluded
01-01-2003 Genetically modified organisms Concluded
01-03-2010 Genetically modified insects Concluded
28-06-2006 Genetically modified food and market Concluded
01-10-2000 Genetically modified food Concluded
01-07-2007 Genetic testing for health purposes Concluded
01-03-2002 Gene modification and the Third World Concluded
30-09-2006 Gene doping Concluded
01-09-2010 Gender and technology Active
11-02-2009 Futures and foresight Concluded
01-08-2008 Future urban transport Concluded
01-01-2004 Future trends in tourism Concluded
01-04-2009 Future potentials and strategies of traditional industries in Germany Concluded
18-06-2013 Future Panel on Public Health Genomics (PACITA) Active
07-03-2008 Future nuclear technologies Concluded
30-01-2003 Future heating of Norwegian homes Concluded
30-09-2013 Future Foods 4 Men & Women Active
01-04-2007 Future Energy Systems in Europe Concluded
01-01-2011 Future electricity networks Concluded
01-03-2011 Future Day 2012 Concluded
24-01-2008 Future day Concluded
01-05-2001 Fundamentals of Privacy Concluded
01-05-1999 Fulfilling the targets of the Kyoto Protocol Concluded
01-07-2007 FSA-Energy: Future Search & Assessment Energy and End Users Concluded
28-05-1998 From understanding genes to making use of them - public hearing (2) Concluded
27-05-1998 From understanding genes to making use of them - public hearing Concluded
03-01-1998 From understanding genes to making use of them (Part I : vols. I and II) Concluded
22-01-2015 French seed sector: current situation and perspectives, public hearing Active
01-01-2006 French polar research on the eve of the international polar year Concluded
01-10-2005 Free public transport Concluded
03-01-1996 France and the information society: a warning and a necessary crusade Concluded
03-01-1996 France and the information society - Public hearing Concluded
03-01-1996 France and the information society - Documents Concluded
01-08-2004 ForSociety ERA-net Concluded
04-09-2007 Forests, food and climate change Concluded
15-03-2014 Foresight in Norwegian policy-making Active
01-09-2006 Food security in developing countries Concluded
01-01-2009 Food hygiene standards Concluded
01-03-2000 Food Fortification Concluded
30-09-2009 Food additives Concluded
01-01-2005 Focus on Mobility and Energy Use Concluded
01-08-2014 Flexible new world of work Active
01-11-2007 Fish populations in Swedish waters Concluded
13-10-2008 Fertility technology Concluded
21-09-2011 Explosive injuries Concluded
01-03-2004 Exploratory study on e-democracy Concluded
30-11-2004 Expert Panel for Environmental Technologies Concluded
03-01-1994 Exchanges of technology with the countries of central and Eastern Europe Concluded
01-04-2011 Evidence based conservation Concluded
16-12-2008 Evaluation of the implementation of the Research Programming Law-Public hearing Concluded
25-06-2013 Evaluation of national plan for management of radioactive materials and waste Concluded
22-06-2005 Evaluation and prevention of the risk of tsunami to French shores Concluded
01-03-1998 EUROPTA European Participatory Technology Assessment Concluded
01-06-2007 EuroPriSe - European Privacy Seal Concluded
01-01-2006 European research on the societal and risk aspects of nanotechnology - a status Concluded
04-03-1998 European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) - public hearing Concluded
03-01-1998 European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) Concluded
01-01-2010 Europe's new technological borders Concluded
01-01-2003 Europe and the tsunami Concluded
01-03-2010 EU Science and technology funding Concluded
01-02-2010 EU Fisheries managment Concluded
01-01-2007 Ethnicity and health Concluded
01-10-2010 ethics & health: education beyond normalising appreciation Concluded
01-09-2009 Ethical and legal dilemmas of in vitro Concluded
01-11-2006 EPTA-GENTECH - Genetically modified plants and foods Concluded
20-05-2013 Epigenetics and Health Active
16-02-2005 Epidemic risk - public hearing Concluded
03-01-2005 Epidemic risk Concluded
01-01-2012 Epidemic of obesity Concluded
01-01-2006 Environmentally friendly cars Concluded
01-04-2009 Environmental noise Concluded
01-01-2011 Environmental limits Concluded
20-05-2013 Environmental Impact of Tidal Barages Active
20-05-2012 Energy Use Behaviour Change Concluded
01-01-2006 Energy transition in Europe Concluded
01-06-2006 Energy Transition in Austria Concluded
04-12-2012 Energy transition Concluded
01-04-2003 Energy technology as growth area Concluded
01-07-2006 Energy supply and the role of fossil fuels and uranium Concluded
30-09-2006 Energy storage - state and perspectives Concluded
20-05-2013 Energy Storage Planned
14-05-2006 Energy situation in Catalonia Concluded
11-07-2011 Energy security Concluded
01-01-2010 Energy policy Concluded
01-01-2010 Energy in 2030 Concluded
01-11-2012 Energy from the earth's interior: Deep geothermal energy as the energy source of Active
18-09-2007 Energy friendly building - what are we waiting for? Concluded
01-01-2005 Energy Foresight Flanders 2050 Concluded
27-05-2013 Energy efficiency in the construction Concluded
01-01-2011 Energy efficiency Concluded
09-01-2012 Energy Efficiency Concluded
01-09-2004 Energy catalogue - Technologies that explore renewable energy Concluded
01-01-2007 Energy and sewage Concluded
05-02-2008 End of parliamentary term: 10 challenges of the future for Finland Concluded
20-01-2015 End of life : pain management, public hearing Active
01-01-2010 Emerging markets for bodily material Concluded
01-05-2011 Embedded water use in products Concluded
01-04-2007 Electronic waste Concluded
01-03-2009 Electronic voting Concluded
15-07-2009 Electronic petitioning and modernisation of petitioning systems in Europe Concluded
01-06-2002 Electronic patient journal Concluded
06-01-2008 Electricity storage Concluded
01-01-2007 Electricity in the UK Concluded
01-07-2010 Electric vehicles Concluded
01-11-2010 Electric mobility concepts and their significance f. economy,society,environment Concluded
01-01-2010 Electric cars Planned
01-12-2004 eLearning in research, teaching and further education in Germany Concluded
30-10-2006 eLearning for children and elderly people Concluded
30-06-2003 EKB-SEIS Concluded
01-12-2007 eID - Systemic Change of the Identification of Citizens by Government Concluded
01-01-2009 eHealth: The Future of Ageing Concluded
01-03-2011 eHealth – benefits and business potential Concluded
01-04-2005 eGovernment Concluded
01-01-2003 Education programme on stem cells and cloning Concluded
01-01-2007 Ecosystem service valuation Concluded
01-10-2004 eCommerce: Impacts of eCommerce Revisited Concluded
01-01-2008 Ecological networks Concluded
01-01-2014 Eco-efficient Transport Planned
01-04-2007 Eating disorders Concluded
01-08-2009 e2democracy - Comparative Assessment of eParticipation Active
01-02-2010 E-voting - a challenge to democracy? Active
01-10-2008 E-Trans 2050 - Sustainable energy of tomorrow Concluded
30-09-2003 E-Money Concluded
01-03-2004 E-health: State of the art in Flanders Concluded
30-06-2004 E-Government Concluded
01-11-2005 E-democracy in Flanders. A Stakeholder Analysis Concluded
01-01-2010 E-Democracy in Europe (STOA) Concluded
01-01-2009 E-democracy Concluded
01-01-2009 E-democracy Concluded
29-06-2007 E-culture and public participation Concluded
01-01-2007 E-administration in Poland Concluded
20-05-2013 Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Concluded
01-07-2010 Drug pricing Concluded
20-05-2013 Drug Driving Active
24-11-2014 Drones and safety of the nuclear installations,public hearing Concluded
01-12-2012 Drones Active
01-11-2004 Disaffection for scientific studies Concluded
01-01-2015 Digital technology and health Planned
01-01-2014 Digital safety and risks Concluded
21-02-2013 Digital risk : PUBLIC HEARING Concluded
01-08-2001 Digital rights in the information society Concluded
01-05-2010 Digital resource about digital bullying Concluded
01-02-2011 Digital preservation Concluded
02-01-2015 Digital Media in education Active
01-10-2001 Digital intellectual property rights Concluded
01-01-2002 Digital infrastructure in Norway Concluded
01-11-2000 Digital divide and education Concluded
01-11-2009 Digital divide Concluded
24-05-2005 Digital Course of the nation through the Information Society Concluded
10-09-2012 Diffusion of the scientific, technical and industrial culture Concluded
01-01-2009 Diet and cancer Concluded
01-01-2010 Diagnosing dementia Concluded
02-01-1989 Developments in the semiconductor industry Concluded
03-01-1994 Developments in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry Concluded
23-01-2003 Developments in semiconductors... - public hearing Concluded
03-01-2003 Developments in semiconductors and the link with micro- and nanotechnologies Concluded
01-01-2010 Development of rural areas Concluded
01-11-2009 Development of renewable energy sources Concluded
30-09-2004 Development of a Web-based Data Base for Research Work on Clean Technologies Concluded
01-02-2011 Detecting deception Concluded
01-01-2011 DESSI: Decision Support on Security Investment Concluded
15-04-2006 DEMO_net - The Democracy Network Concluded
20-05-2013 Demand-Side Response Active
30-09-2003 Demand-oriented innovation policy Concluded
01-01-2009 Delaying gratification Concluded
13-05-2009 Deforestation Concluded
01-01-2006 Debating science Concluded
01-08-2014 Dealing with ignorance in exploratory experiments Active
01-01-2010 Databases Concluded
01-10-2014 Data-Mining – social and legal challenges Active
01-03-2006 Data Encryption Concluded
01-02-2012 Cybersecurity Concluded
01-07-2005 Cyberbullying among youngsters in Flanders Concluded
21-09-2011 Cyber security in the UK Concluded
12-05-2012 Crowdsourcing Active
01-03-2009 Crop protection Concluded
01-09-2004 Creative Access Concluded
01-01-2005 Countryside with a Future: a Sustainable Future for Agriculture and Horticulture Concluded
01-01-2010 Counterfeit medicines Concluded
01-01-2008 COSY - Communicating Synthetic Biology Concluded
26-03-2014 Cost-Benefit Analysis and Sustainable Development within the Transport Sector Active
20-05-2013 Cosmetic Procedures Active
03-01-2001 Converting stocks of military plutonium to civilian use Concluded
26-04-2010 Converging Technologies (Pilot studie) Concluded
02-10-2007 Contributions made by science and technology to compensate for handicaps Concluded
20-05-2012 Consumer Genetic Testing Concluded
03-01-1987 Consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Concluded
07-05-2009 Connectivity in the health care sector - will ICT make a difference? Concluded
03-01-2000 Conditions governing the location of a new synchrotron Concluded
01-01-2010 Conditions for vaccinating Concluded
30-11-2004 Concept for an Internet Portal of Spatial Research in Austria Concluded
21-09-2011 Computer games and violence Concluded
01-08-2006 Computer crime Concluded
05-07-2006 Compatibility between mobile telephony and medical equipment - public hearing Concluded
01-01-2004 Colourful Flanders in Shades of Grey Concluded
01-05-2009 Coastal Management Concluded
01-03-2009 CO2 capture, transport and storage Concluded
30-08-2006 CO2 capture and storage at power stations Concluded
30-04-2012 Cloud Computing Concluded
01-01-2011 Cloud Computing Concluded
03-01-2000 Cloning, cell therapy and the therapeutic use of embryo cells Concluded
21-09-2011 Clinical trials Concluded
22-04-2004 Clinical Tests of Medicine Concluded
01-10-2011 Climate Variability and Weather Concluded
01-01-2011 Climate policy Concluded
22-10-2009 Climate conference in the classroom Concluded
01-01-2010 Climate change: engagement and behaviour Concluded
29-06-2006 Climate change, energy transition overtaking the crisis - public hearing Concluded
03-01-2006 Climate change, energy transition overtaking the crisis Concluded
01-08-2007 Climate change science Concluded
01-06-2007 Climate change and its consequences Concluded
02-05-2008 Climate Change Concluded
01-09-2010 Climate adaptation: the challenges for Flanders Planned
01-02-2011 Clean water and MDGs Active
01-01-2008 Clean coal technologies Concluded
01-09-2008 CIVISTI - Citizen Visions on Science, Technology and Innovation Concluded
01-03-2004 Citizen´s attitudes towards nanotechnology Concluded
01-06-2003 Citizens attitude to animal cloning Concluded
01-09-2008 Citizen Visions on Science, Technology and Innovation (CIVISTI) Concluded
01-07-2004 Chronic Hepatitis C in Austria: Decision Analytic Modelling Concluded
01-01-2002 Childrens health and environment Concluded
28-07-2006 Children's medicines Concluded
01-01-2004 Changing Media and the Formation of a European Public Sphere Concluded
06-09-2007 Challenges of nanotechnology Concluded
29-08-2008 Cervical cancer Concluded
29-10-2007 Central and decentralized energy production Concluded
18-11-2008 Carbon trading and technological development Concluded
01-08-2010 Carbon Funds in Norway Concluded
01-04-2011 Carbon footprint of electricity generation Concluded
01-03-2006 Carbon footprint of electricity generation Concluded
06-06-2011 Cancer and pro–active health care Active
13-03-2012 Can the Welfare Society Endure? Active
01-01-2004 Building, Living and Energy Concluded
01-01-2004 Building, Living and Energy Concluded
01-02-2012 Build to satisfy Concluded
10-06-2004 Broadband telecommunications serving the Health Care System - public hearing Concluded
01-01-2004 Broadband telecommunications serving the Health Care System Concluded
01-04-2005 Brain research Concluded
21-09-2011 Biotechnology patents Concluded
03-02-2015 Biosimilar medicine, public hearing Active
18-06-2013 Biosecurity Active
01-06-2006 Bionics potentials in Austria Concluded
01-02-2009 Biometrics - recommendations for future usage of biometric technologies in Da Active
04-05-2006 Biometrics - public hearing Concluded
30-05-2007 Biomedic innovations and clinical research - Competition and regulation Concluded
01-04-2002 Biomedial research Concluded
01-09-2008 Biomass fuel - second Generation Concluded
01-10-2008 Biogas plants in Poland – an undiscovered source of energy? Concluded
01-06-2006 Biofuels: Production, sale and consumption Concluded
20-04-2011 Biofuels from algae Concluded
13-01-2009 Biofuels Concluded
01-08-2010 Biofortification Concluded
06-02-2012 Bioenergy Concluded
01-01-2011 Biodiversity offsetting Concluded
29-04-2008 Biodiversity indicators Concluded
20-05-2012 Biodiversity in UK Overseas Territories Concluded
03-01-1992 Biodiversity and the preservation of the genetic heritage Concluded
13-05-2009 Biodiversity and climate change Concluded
20-05-2012 Biodiversity & Planning Decisions Concluded
31-08-2000 Biodegradable Polymers Concluded
01-03-2010 Biochar Concluded
01-01-2010 Biobased economy Concluded
15-05-2005 Biobanks for human medical research and application Concluded
03-05-2007 Big public IT-projects - have we learnt from experience? Planned
07-04-2014 Big Data and smart algorithms Active
01-02-2011 Big Data Active
01-03-2007 Better brains Concluded
30-03-2007 Barriers to the establishment of new key technologies Concluded
01-02-2009 BaltCICA Active
01-01-2006 Balancing water supply and the environment Concluded
01-08-2014 Balance of interests in infrastructure projects Active
20-05-2013 Autonomous Road Vehicles Active
01-01-2008 Autism Concluded
01-10-2006 Assistive technology Concluded
01-08-2014 Assessment of summer time Active
08-11-2008 Assessment of research on stem cells (art.26 of the Bioethic law) Concluded
11-12-2007 Assessment of national strategy about research in energy Concluded
03-05-2006 Assessment of marine resources and fisheries management Concluded
20-05-2012 Assessing Capacity for Work Concluded
03-01-1997 Asbestos in the human environment: its consequences and its future Concluded
01-03-2009 Arctic changes Concluded
03-01-2004 Appropriating living organisms Concluded
01-08-2010 Application potential of remote sensing for developing countries Concluded
03-01-1999 Application of the law of 29 July 1994 concerning bioethics Concluded
03-01-1990 Application of biotechnologies to agriculture and the agro-food industry Concluded
03-01-1990 Application of biotechnologies to agriculture ... Experts contributions Concluded
20-05-2013 Antimicrobial resistance in the environment Active
07-03-2011 Antibiotic resistence Concluded
01-03-2006 Anti-Ageing Medicine: Myths and Chances Concluded
01-03-2006 Analogue to digital switchover Concluded
20-06-2011 Anaerobic digestion Concluded
13-03-2012 An inspired Society Active
01-01-2007 An evaluation of the national plan for the management of radioactive materials a Concluded
21-09-2011 An ageing workforce Concluded
01-01-2005 An act in 2006 on the sustainable management of nuclear wastes Concluded
01-09-2006 Ambient Air Quality Concluded
01-01-2007 Alzheimer’s and dementia Concluded
01-02-2008 Alternatives to custodial sentencing Concluded
01-11-2002 Alternatives to animal experiments Concluded
14-11-2012 Alternate techniques in the hydraulic fracturing for exploration of shale gas Concluded
20-05-2012 Advanced Manufacturing Concluded
01-06-2014 Additive manufacturing processes (»3D printing«) Active
01-02-2010 Addictive behaviours Concluded
03-04-2006 Adapting to climate change in the UK Concluded
05-06-2006 Adapting to climate change in developing countries Concluded
13-03-2012 Acquiring New Knowledge Active
20-05-2013 Accessing Public Transport Concluded
01-01-2012 Access to public transport and mobility in Poland Concluded
01-06-2013 Access to content produced by Polish state institutions Concluded
22-11-2005 Academic Spin-offs in eastern and western germany and conditions for their succe Concluded
06-05-2009 A way for implementing regulations on energy consumption in new buildings Concluded
01-01-2010 A Sustainable Danish Transport System Active
01-10-2006 A Strategy for Local Democracy Concluded
30-01-2006 A policy for sustainable innovation and technology Concluded
04-03-2013 A book is a book is a book? An in-depth study of e-books in Sweden Concluded
01-04-2008 800 citizens debate the future of the healthcare system in 4 meetings Concluded
01-08-2009 €CO2 Management Accompanying Research Active
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