CIMULACT download

juni 10, 2016

Full documentation of the 48 research scenarios
Core document. NEW – Latest version

CIMULACT overview and info-guide
This includes an overview of the WPs in CIMULACT, and at the end of it you will find an overview of the connections between the main documents.

CIMULACT_vision catalogue
Includes all 179 visions. These provide direct citations.

The visions were analysed and 48 social needs, in 12 clusters, were extracted. These provide more policy-oriented statements on the direction of the visions.

CIMULACT – Social needs posters
The posters cover all social needs and provide core citations from the underlying visions.

CIMULACT_Research Programme Scenarios Overview
2-liners for each Research Scenario.

CIMULACT Vision Navigator
Provides keyword entrance to the visions. The “Tree map” view is the easiest to use.