SUBSOL – protection from saltwater intrusion

October 22, 2015

The EU-project SUBSOL examines three different innovative solutions, which can protect the groundwater from saltwater intrusion – a problem, that is often seen in coastal areas and is expected to intensify with climate change and population growth. Through participatory methods The Danish Board of Technology will map the preconditions for innovation as well as examine the barriers for expanding the use of these technical solutions. This will be done in 4 entirely different areas: Falster Island Denmark, Schinias (Athens), Dinteloord Netherlands and Venice, Florida.

The three subsurface water solutions are developed for three different coastal zones with their own hydrological conditions, as shown in the figure below. The three technologies enable regulation of the interface between brackish and fresh water through abstraction and infiltration.


Subsurface water solution in coastal zone.
(a) Freshmaker, (b) ASR-coastal (c) Freshkeeper.


On October 8th-9th The Danish Board of Technology participated in the project kick-off meeting with 14 other partners, including 4 other Danish ones (GEUS, Alphafilm, Orbicon, Robotek). The partners visited a pilotproject in the Netherlands, where the abstracted freshwater is used for irrigation in the production of tomatoes.