Ecological tax reform

June 13, 1996

Contributions and debate from the conference held on June 22,1995


On 22nd of June 1995 the Danish Board of Technology held a conference with 130 participants on ecological tax reform. The issue currently is a hot topic in public debate, since the parliament and various business organisations and major corporations are negotiating the extend and the time table for a change in the tax system towards a more ecological system.

The conference was arranged because Denmark seems to be one of the countries where it might be important to highlight the debate on which kind of changes are needed to promote more sustainable patterns of production and consumption.
This report contains the presentations on different aspects of this very complicated subject made by:

  • Harald Agerley (DK)
  • Per Sørup (CEC, IPTS, Seville
  • Hans Bergmann (CEC, DGXI, Bruxelles)
  • Kaare Clemmensen (DK)
  • Hans Jochen Luhmann (Germany)
  • Stein Hansen (Norway)
  • Allen Aspengreen (USA)
  • John Elkington (U.K.)


We have edited the debate during the conference. For this part of the conference we had invited the following persons, all from Denmark, to present a short viewpoint:

  • Inge Røpke
  • Frede Vestergaard
  • Per Henriksen
  • Jørn Nørgård
  • Henrik Kærgård
  • Nils Enrum
  • Karen Hjulmand chaired the conference.


Journalist Peter Hesseldahl has made a short introduction to the different aspects and issues discussed in relation to “Ecological tax reform”.
Thanks to all – speakers and participants – who contributed to make the arrangement a good conference and to make this report possible to publish, so that people who were not present can now also use it..

The Danish Board of Technology

June 1996