ForSociety – Foresight and Society ERA-Net

October 9, 2006

The project receives a grant from the European Commission.

The Danish Board of Technology (DBT) is member of a pan-European project on Foresight.

Foresight is a systematical effort to develop future visioning through dialogue and scrutiny of potential scientific, technological, environmental, societal, economical possibilities. The agenda is to identify emerging generic technologies and support those areas of strategic research that has the greatest economical and societal benefits.

The purpose of ForSociety is to contribute to the coordination of foresight programmes in 15 EU-countries. The goal is to strengthen the impact of national programmes and initiate new common programmes/projects.

DBT is contributing to ForSociety in three areas:

  • Task 2.2. Enablers of Science-Society dialogue (Project manager Bjørn Bedsted)
  • Task 3.2. Trans-national future dialogues (Director Lars Klüver)
  • Task 3.1. Programme evaluation scheme (Project manager Søren Gram)
  • Task 3.4. Development of training schemes and foresight toolkit (Director Lars Klüver)