Monitoring the Birth of the European Cloud

May 1, 2014

An integrated assessment design workshop
April 30th – May 1st 2014
The Danish Board of Technology Foundation, Copenhagen, Denmark

Despite revelations of blanket surveillance of European citizens Cloud computing has lost none of its allure. The collective European imagination is being captured by the vision of a “European Cloud”. Many argue that a natively grown cloud could be designed from the ground up to prevent breaches of European privacy principles while at the same time delivering on the promises of cloud-driven growth; now with European industries at the start of the value-chain. Some even believe that a European cloud could put the advancement of Big Data and the Internet of Things on a safe development path.
But are such assumptions safe to make? As the vision of a European cloud is already being turned into real-world initiatives, difficult questions must be asked amidst the frenzy to capture the potential of the cloud.

Purpose of the workshop
This 2-day workshop gathered experts across a diverse range of fields to collaboratively design an assessment process to accompany technical, commercial and political experiments in realizing the European cloud. The problem definition and scope of the process was up to the workshop participants to determine. The overall goal of process, however, was to provide decision-makers with open and candid assessments of the challenges that arise in the overlap between different perspectives on the issue. This may involve the parallel deployment of several distinct forms of assessment such as risk assessment, economic analysis, social science studies, ethical assessment, citizen participation, and more.

Participants at the workshop

  • Anders Blok, assistant professor at the Department of Sociology, Copenhagen University
  • Franziska Boehm, assistant professor for IT-law at Institute for Information, Telecommunication and Media Law (ITM)
  • Søren Duus, CEO of Duus Consult
  • Ellen-Marie Forsberg, researcher in the Research Group on Responsible Innovation at Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA)
  • Gemma Galdon Clavell, researcher and lecturer in criminology and security policy at the Department of Sociology and Organizational Analysis, University of Barcelona
  • Birgitte Kofod Olsen, Chairman and Co-founder of the Danish Counsil for Digital Security and Manager of CSR of Tryg Insurance
  • Monica Lagazio, associate partner at Trilateral research.
  • Rasmus Øjvind Nielsen, project manager at the Danish Board of Technology Foundation and PhD student at Roskilde University
  • Kjetil Rommetveit, researcher Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Bergen
  • Lutz Schubert, Head of department, University of Ulm