Sustainable Energy Catalogue – for European Decision-makers

June 7, 2007

During 2006-2007 the Danish Board of Technology prepared, on behalf of the European Parliament’s Scientific Technology Options Assessment Panel (STOA), a catalogue on sustainable energy.

The purpose of this catalogue is to offer non-experts such as planners and decision-makers in EU states an inspirational tool to be used during local or regional transition towards sustainable energy technologies. The catalogue can also be used by everyone else who needs an overview of the sustainable energy technologies and their current development level and future potential, among others educational use is relevant.

The catalogue provides an introduction to the following technologies that are already or are estimated to become central to a development with renewable energy in EU: Technologies for wind energy, wave energy, geothermal energy, bioenergy, solar energy, hydropower and fuel cells. The catalogue also includes a chapter about energy systems, which includes a section about technologies for efficient use of energy.

The catalogue does not claim to cover all renewables or to be complete regarding all details about the individual technologies; – even so it offers information and gives an overview and comparison, which cannot easily be looked up on the Internet. In the back of the catalogue, under “References and links” there is a list of contacts, pamphlets, web pages etc., where it is possible to find more information about the individual technologies.

Each chapter offers both an overview of the single technology concerning development stage, best available technology, supply potential, environmental impact etc., and a comparison between the different technologies and information about how the technologies can interact with each other and with the energy system. Further more a timeline that spreads towards (further) commercialisation is drawn for each technology. This timeline includes significant events with regard to research and development, the market and policies that are expected to be of importance to the success of the technology.

The catalogue is written by a group of experts on renewables, and a review by an external expert is placed in connection with the individual technology.