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Open source software

- report shows that there are major savings for the public administration in the use of open source software. The report is now being translated - sign up to get it!

The use of Open Source (software with an open source-code) has now seen its political breakthrough in Europe. On the national level as well on the EU-level there is a prevalent desire to promote the development by utilizing Open Source software in the public administration.

The question revolves around how Open Source can best be implemented, and at what tempo. What are the obstacles now, and what other obstacles might turn up? The project will take its point of departure in the experiences that can be gathered together concerning the use of Open Source. Subsequently, different ways of promoting Open Source (in Denmark) will be analyzed and described.

Some the questions that the project has dealt with are:
Where and when should an official concerted action involving Open Source be initiated and what advantages and drawbacks will supervene when Open Source is used in the public administration?
What have been the experiences with integrating Open Source software in the existing IT-milieu, dominated up until now by proprietary software?
What are the experiences with exchanging source-codes with other enterprises?
How extensive at the present time is the use of Open Source in public administration in Denmark?
What obstacles stand in the way of making use of Open Source?

At this point the full report is only available in Danish (at the Danish website) but we do have an English translation in progress- Sign up to receive an email when the report on open source software is published in English. The mailing list is temporary and will inform you only once when the report is ready for download at the website!



Please contact project manager Jan Opstrup Poulsen jop@tekno.dk, for more information.

Last update: 30-04-2003

Translation of the report (some chapters)

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