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14.10.2014 Europe Wide Views on Sustainable Consumption Environment/energy
15.09.2014 The Future Energy System in Denmark Environment/energy
08.09.2014 CIPAST - Citizen Participation in Science and Technology Technology politics
01.05.2014 Monitoring the Birth of the European Cloud Environment/energy
09.04.2014 Webinar on Future medicine in the Human Brain Project Health
31.01.2014 SATORI - A European framework for ethics in R&I Environment/energy
14.10.2013 Engage2020 - Engaging Society in Horizon 2020 Technology politics
09.09.2013 SurPRISE - surveillance, privacy, security Technology politics
15.08.2013 Experts discussing technology assessment Environment/energy
13.08.2013 Citizen Consultations on Sustainable Consumption Environment/energy
18.07.2013 Center for Collaborative Democracy (CfCD) Environment/energy
18.07.2013 Res-AGorA Information technology
03.06.2013 Conference on Security Investment Decisions Technology politics
11.04.2013 Include employees for advice Working life/leisure
10.04.2013 The Danish Board of Technology is a part of an EU project to 1 billion Euro Biotechnology
27.03.2013 Information meeting for municipalities on comprehensive climate adaptation Environment/energy
26.03.2013 Successful dialogue meetings in Aarhus Municipality Town/residens
26.03.2013 Theme meeting on the current energy policy in Denmark Environment/energy
03.12.2012 Eco-efficient Transport Traffic/transport
22.11.2012 BASE Environment/energy
19.11.2012 PACITA – Technology Assessment across Europe Technology politics
23.10.2012 Launch of TA Portal Information technology
15.09.2012 Breakthrough for WWViews' global citizen consultation at COP11 in India Environment/energy
08.06.2012 DESSI - Decision Support on Security Investments Information technology
21.03.2012 Renewable Energy Systems: role and use of Parliamentary Technology Assessment Environment/energy
22.09.2011 The Internet of things Information technology
07.07.2011 Coherence and coordination in the health care system – can IT make a difference? Information technology
07.07.2011 Focused prevention of obesity - a debate meeting Health
05.07.2011 A Sustainable Danish Transport System Traffic/transport
05.07.2011 Conference on climate adaption i Denmark Environment/energy
05.07.2011 Conference on sustainable Cities Environment/energy
01.07.2011 E-voting – a choice for the future? Information technology
01.07.2011 Future Urban Transport Traffic/transport
01.07.2011 School and Media – It-support for learning Education
01.07.2011 Test yourself ! A project on medical devices for self-testing Biotechnology
01.07.2011 Water supply in Denmark Environment/energy
15.06.2011 Synthetic biology for debate Biotechnology
13.05.2011 Synthetic Biology - Applications, Risk Assessment and Ethical Aspects Biotechnology
24.04.2011 BaltCICA-Climate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region Environment/energy
29.03.2011 Citizen Summit in Kalundborg Environment/energy
15.03.2011 The Danish Board of Technology wins international award public participation Environment/energy
08.03.2011 Security of eGovernment Systems The Danish Board of Technology
22.12.2010 World Wide citizen participation Environment/energy
22.01.2010 Future Energy Systems in Europe Environment/energy
10.12.2009 Obesity as a societal problem Health
27.09.2009 A Clear Message from World Citizens to COP15 Politicians Environment/energy
25.11.2008 STOA 'Future Energy Systems in Europe' Workshop Documents Environment/energy
12.11.2008 4 citizens' meetings debating the future of the healthcaresystem Environment/energy
04.09.2008 Demand Driven Technological Innovation Technology politics
01.09.2008 STOA: Future Energy Systems in Europe Environment/energy
22.05.2008 Environmentally friendly building in practice - what are we waiting for? Environment/energy
31.03.2008 STOA workshop on Food Issues and Human Health Foods
26.03.2008 Project Description: World Wide Views On Global Warming Environment/energy
26.03.2008 World Wide Views on Global Warming Environment/energy
17.01.2008 IT security for private users Information technology
21.11.2007 Privacy and Security Technology (PRISE) Technology politics
01.11.2007 EPTA - Genetically modified plants and food Biotechnology
27.09.2007 STOA Workshop: Future Energy Systems in Europe Environment/energy
17.06.2007 STOA - Antibiotic resistance Biotechnology
07.06.2007 Sustainable Energy Catalogue - for European Decision-makers Environment/energy
16.10.2006 The Policy Challenges of Electronic Privacy Technology politics
09.10.2006 ForSociety - Foresight and Society ERA-Net Technology politics
03.07.2006 Hearing: The Internationalisation of Educations Education
16.06.2006 STOA report: Policy options for the improvement of the European patent system Technology politics
09.06.2006 Hearing on Combating Terror Information technology
01.06.2006 Toxicology and Nanotechnology Health
12.04.2006 Local democracy Information technology
06.04.2006 IT-Security beyond borders Information technology
27.03.2006 RFID - Risks and Opportunities Information technology
17.03.2006 Workshop on IT security Information technology
18.11.2005 Free public transport? Traffic/transport
19.10.2005 Pervasive Healthcare in the Danish Healthcare Services Health
30.05.2005 Meeting of Minds Biotechnology
08.04.2005 New GM Crops - New Debate Agriculture
10.03.2005 The Future of the Patent System Technology politics
19.11.2004 Citizen´s attitudes towards nanotechnology Technology politics
16.11.2004 Childrens health and environment Environment/energy
16.11.2004 The vulnerability of the IT infrastructure Information technology
12.11.2004 Digital rights in the information society Information technology
12.11.2004 Energy catalogue - Technologies that explore renewable energy Environment/energy
12.11.2004 Medicine for healthy people - a sick idea? Health
12.11.2004 New climate - new life? Environment/energy
12.11.2004 Security, privacy and active citizenship in eGovernment Information technology
12.11.2004 Work-Life Balance Working life/leisure
20.04.2004 Review on "Oil-based Technology and Economy - Prospects for the Future" Environment/energy
10.03.2004 TAMI Environment/energy
21.10.2003 Potential for major public savings in open source software Information technology
23.04.2002 Genemodification and the Third World Foods
23.04.2002 How can we assign value to the environment? Environment/energy
23.01.2002 Hearing on Alternative Medicine Health
01.11.2001 Hearing on surveillance and privacy Information technology
20.09.2001 EUROPTA Project Technology politics
01.08.2001 Hearing on biofuel for transport Environment/energy
06.07.2001 Information technology and conditions in the workplace Information technology
05.07.2001 Implants Health
03.03.2001 The aging population Working life/leisure
03.02.2001 Electronic surveillance Working life/leisure
15.01.2001 The prevalence of satellite communication/road pricing Traffic/transport
03.01.2001 Allergy Working life/leisure
15.08.2000 The Digital Doctor Working life/leisure
03.08.2000 Moratorium on Genetic Technology Biotechnology
03.07.2000 Green Industry Production/industry
03.06.2000 Noise and Technology Working life/leisure
29.05.2000 Urban Ecology Environment/energy
03.05.2000 The Future Car Environment/energy
03.04.2000 The Municipality on the Internet Information technology
23.02.2000 Hearing on xeno transplantations Biotechnology
03.02.2000 Hearing on radio and TV of the future Culture/media
15.08.1999 "...before technology runs riot" – lay opinions of risk Technology politics
15.03.1999 Final document of the consensus conference on genetically-modified foods Foods
15.08.1998 The Danish waste management strategy Production/industry
13.02.1998 Citizens' food policy Foods
13.07.1997 The Consumption and Environment of the Future Production/industry
09.05.1997 Teleworking Working life/leisure
09.01.1997 Telemedicine - a way to better health care Health
13.12.1996 The Future of Fishing Agriculture
16.11.1996 Drinking water - clean water, but how? Environment/energy
13.08.1996 The non-assessed chemicals in EU Production/industry
13.06.1996 Ecological tax reform Environment/energy
25.09.1995 Consensus Conference on Gene Therapy Biotechnology
13.06.1995 Where is the limit? Foods
25.11.1994 A Light-green Agricultural Sector Agriculture
09.11.1993 Consensus Conference on Infertility Health
08.02.1993 Who knows what -and who should know? Information technology
08.08.1992 Technological Animals Biotechnology

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