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About us

DBT Foundation

The Danish Board of Technology Foundation is devoted and engaged to tasks and contribution concerning public matters that require knowledge of technology, values and wide spread action in society. DBT continues the former work of The Danish Board of Technology and adds more to this now as a non-profit trading foundation.

In that way the DBT Foundation proceeds its’ counselling of decision-takers about possibilities and consequences for citizens, environment and society. DBT also intends to fill the task as international role model in developing of dialogue based and involving working methods.

Through the DBT Foundation we bring our knowledge of methods into play in as many areas as others find them useful.

The DBT Foundation is an active partner in creation of:

  • Overview and knowledge in formulation of a problem
  • New ideas for policy development, planning and strategy
  • Decisions on long-life and sustainable solutions
  • Involving citizens, politicians, experts and stakeholders

The DBT Foundation offers

  • Knowledge of a wide range of technological topics
  • Analyses, reports and assessments
  • Developing and organizing of deliberative participation
  • Processes leading to new thinking and joined solutions
  • Courses and presentations about citizens deliberation and stakeholder involvement
  • National and international workshops and conferences

The DBT Foundation is active in the area of public challenges, technology, knowledge, values and action. We create platforms for combining participants´ knowledge in the search of sustainable solutions crossing issues and subjects.

The DBT Foundation arranges and organizes projects in cooperation with decision-takers, organizations, societies, enterprises and authorities. The Foundation is non-profit, as the profit of our activities is turned to account of the foundation’s purpose.

The DBT Foundation is formed by a board with seven members, a council and a secretariat consisting of 25 staffers academic project managers within a widespread competence area, office workers and student associates.

The Board of Governors

The Board of Representatives

The Secretariat

The Danish Board of Technology Foundation
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